Why I want my students to blog


From +Catherine Flippen and +Jaime Vandergrift, I found A Sixty Second Guide to the Use of Blogging in Education from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

Blogging teaches reading and writing processes that facilitate 21st Century learning skills and literacies.  This simple 5 step procedure shows how to implement a blog into your classroom and discusses the multidisciplinary approach that incorporates student blog skills with digital citizenship, quality work projects, and connected learning environments while showcasing students’ work on a global communication hub.

In Retooling the Social Studies Classroom for the Current Generation the authors study ways in which teachers in this discipline can use blogging, wikis, and digital media sharing to improve student engagement and the overall learning process.   The authors believe that technology should enhance student learning, rather than be a simple replication of old ways of presenting materials, and they use as a founding principle the National Council for the Social Studies guideline that implementing technology should

“Capitalize on many students’ ubiquitous, yet social, use of such technology and demonstrate the technology’s power as a tool for learning” (National Council for Social Studies, Technology Position Statement, para 7)

I would like to use blogging as a tool to reach across disciplines, like creating links between literature and history.  Different teachers can examine student’s work across subject areas, and this technique could re-inforce the material on multiple levels.

Are you using blogging in your classes to expand their research, writing and reading skill, or to create a multi-disciplinary approach to learning?   It this an effective strategy?

2 thoughts on “Why I want my students to blog

  1. There is such value in blogging as a tool to provide feedback, authentic reflection, and assessment of learning. Imagine the power of any learning if those traits are present!

    I blog to share, connect, and grow… it is really that simple. It scared me unbelievably at first. To think that others would be critiquing my most personal thoughts. I can honestly say that I have grown exponentially since I started blogging. It has made me a more reflective teacher and by far a connected learner.

    I too am taking a graduate level class right now, Introduction to Instructional Design. as luck would have it I created a resource to help colleagues find their ‘Why’ as a blogger. Here is the link:


    Keep writing and keep sharing… that is where the power to change in our profession lies!

    • Jana,
      Your attached Prezi is wonderful. Easy to follow and creative. I’m a fairly novice Prezi user, but like it so much more than powerpoint. The class I’m using this blog for is an undergrad class at Juniata college. We end in a few weeks, but I plan on keeping up the blogging. Thanks for sharing the Prezi and your ideas!

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