Why ISTE 2013?

Next week I’ll be attending the International Society of Technology in Education’s 2013 conference.  So why spend a valuable week of my summer half way across the country inside a hotel rather than doing some vacation travel that is on my “must do” list?

This conference is designed to bring together like-minded educators in a setting that allows them to collaborate, explore ideas, and view emerging technology.

The keynote address speaker is by Jane McGonigal – click here for a link to her TED talk regarding computer gaming and her theory of how the right computer games can help transform players into virtuosos that can solve real world, high-level problems.  Our students are spending increasing amounts of time playing computer games – can we get them to create the epic win face when we have them solving problems in our classrooms?  This should be a great discussion.

My schedule includes a day-long session of best practices in Moodle Course Design.  I’ll also  be discussing flipped classrooms, global collaboration, 1:1 environments, and hearing people like George Couros (for twitter educators, @gcouros) talk about leading innovation change.  Plus, this is a great opportunity to meet all those folks on twitter that are a valuable part of my PLN.

Anyone else out there going to ISTE 13?  What are you most excited about doing during your conference experience?

2 thoughts on “Why ISTE 2013?

  1. I’m looking forward to ISTE. The best part for me of the conference is connecting face to face with other people. Each year I enjoy meeting people from my PLN and new people that I haven’t connected with online.

    Hope you have a great time!


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